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As everyone should, we are taking COVID-19 very seriously.  

Studio hours have changed to allow for proper cleaning times before and after sessions.  

Sessions will typically begin at 12pm and end at 8pm.  If you need this to be adjusted for your schedule please do not hesitate to ask.

Here are some of the things we have done to make sure your recording session is as safe as possible:

  • We have installed a large air purifier that cleans the air 5x every hour in the main area + the 2 tracking rooms (a total of 500sq ft).  In the coming months we will also have small air purifiers for each individual tracking room.  Air purifiers can be turned off during recording when needed, but otherwise will be ran continuously during sessions. 

  • We have hand sanitizers, wipes, forehead thermometer and UVC light wand on hand to make sure all surfaces and objects are cleaned properly as well as that all artists are tested on-sight as best as possible.  Artists can find all these things in both the main area of the studio and the bathroom.

  • Each room has its own UVC lamp that is ran for one hour before and after each session.  The room is then ventilated to remove ozone.  This process can take up to a total of 2 hours.

  • We have latex gloves on hand for any artist who would like to wear them while in session.

  • Studio windows will be open to help allow in outside air when weather permits.  In weather that is not so awesome we will open the windows/doors during breaks to help with air circulation.  So make sure to dress warm when its COLD outside!

What we require from the artist in every session:

  • We require that every artist wear a mask while in the studio.  We do allow the artist to remove the mask when singing (possibly also when drumming depending on circumstance) and we will purify and clean the vocal/drum room between sessions and on session breaks to insure the room stays as clean as possible.

  • If the artist needs to remove their mask for any other reason than singing/drumming we ask that they leave the studio area (go outside) for that amount of time.  We have a covered area outside to escape bad weather or you can hang out in the safety of your vehicle.

  • We ask that all artists properly clean and sanitize the bathroom after every use.  This includes: using hand wipes/gloves when touching any surface, using hand sanitizer before touching any surface if not using hand wipes/gloves, wiping down any possible area that could be exposed and washing hands for 20 secs after use.

  • We ask that all artists apply hand sanitizer regularly.

  • When possible, we ask that artists take a COVID test (they are free if you don't have insurance) at least 72 hours before the beginning of each session and quarantine for that time between testing and start of session.

The Honor System

We can not, nor do we wish to, police (nobody likes a NARC) and force the artist to follow these guidelines.  We have elected to run sessions on the honor system and trust that each artist cares enough about the people around them to follow these guidelines.  We are all responsible for the health and well-being of those around us, so we ask that you do your part to protect each other from any possible COVID-19 contamination.  

If any of these guidelines do not work for you, maybe we are the wrong studio for your project.

We retain the right to postpone or cancel any session if we feel that the artist is not respecting and following these guidelines.  If the session is canceled we will refund all moneys for time not used.  We will also send a digital transfer of all work done so that the artist may continue their session elsewhere.  We will always first try to postpone the session until the artist is able to meet all the above guidelines.

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