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Pierced Ears Recordings Co.

(the label)

Not only do we record music here at PERC but we also release it!  All bands that work here at the studio will also have the option to release the music they make thru our digital distribution partnership with The Orchard.  Thru The Orchard we are able to get the artists music on all streaming services, submit music for use in playlists, and obtain sync licensing for tv/film + so much more! 


If your next project would like to learn more about how it can utilize the label arm of PERC, contact us to get the conversation started!


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Small Yards - Weekdays (Digital Release Artwork).jpg

Small Yards - Weekdays b/w Call Of The Wild

The debut single from Small Yards, 'Weekdays' is infectious pop driven rock n roll.  Backed w/ equally great b-side 'Call Of The Wild', Small Yards hearken back to the heavy hitters of the 1970s rebellion to bombastic arena rock with stripped down riffs and melody driven vocals.

Cover Art - FINAL.jpg

Patrick Latham - Cinematic Abbreviations

A collection of piano works by composer and musician Patrick Latham, 'Cinematic Abbreviations' showcases Lathams' ineffable ability to blend classical and modern piano compositional techniques into something wholly new and tragically beautiful.

TMEdeluxe_final front cover.jpg

NHB - Technomusiceraser: Deluxe

Throwing post-punk’s minimal guitar energy into frenetic electronic rhythms and pulsing synthesizers, his latest recordings, ‘Technomusiceraser’, ‘ITOTCIRWIAA & ‘New Eyes To See’, combined here into one DELUXE release, distill earlier studio meanderings into tightly packed pirate-radio mix-tapes.

PPEEP album cover.jpg

Pip - P.P.E.E.P.

This debut EP from Seattle based Pip offers catchy post-punk anthems that are personal and introspective, delving deep into the human psyche and exploring the complexities of the human heart. 

AFIP artwork(2 mb).jpg

Loren Wheeler - Anthems For Inner Peace

Anthems for Inner Peace is Loren’s 17th public musical release and 6th full length album. It is an intimate collection of neoclassical instrumental and folk-based song compositions written, performed, recorded, and mixed completely by Loren in his home studio. It features guitar, voice, piano, bass, synth, saxophone, and percussion.


Hotegaia - Next Radial

Next Radial examines the concept of change and our capacity to evolve without folding back into experience, the possibility of growth without reverting to an earlier form. Lead vocalist, Jason Thayer, continues to explore whether we can move beyond our own corrosive habits – whether we can forge new neural pathways, or if we are locked into our own patterns of self-destruction. 

Aaron C Schroeder - Entertaining Night Friends front cover.JPG

Aaron C Schroeder - Entertaining Night Friends 

The debut release from Aaron C Schroeder, 'ENF' utilizes extreme tape manipulation and dark moody synthesizers to deliver an updated kraut rock sound that will take the listener on a journey thru the more complex human emotions. 

FSoM - Sheridan Riley album art.jpg

Frankfurt School Of Music - Sheridan Riley

Invited into the PERC studio one rainy spring day back in 2018, drummer and solo artist Sheridan Riley (Alvvays, Peg, John Mitchell Quartet) was given one rule for this FSoM release: Just Play.  Once on tape, the drums were sent thru a myriad of processes utilizing the Eventide H3000, DSP 4000 and Orville units to make something unique and other-worldly.

FSoM - Boundaries album art.jpg

Frankfurt School Of Music - Boundaries

Built off a single measure of drums no longer than a singular second of time, and then deconstructed utilizing both analog and digital means to be extended into this sprawling 52:54 piece of music. Accompanied by a singular pass of fretless bass, Boundaries' focus is on establishing a wash of calming sound to be played low and in the background.

FSoM - Positions album art.jpg

Frankfurt School Of Music - Positions

More a deconstructed expose on psych-rock than the sonic textural landscapes of other FSoM releases, Positions creation was build around modular synthesis designed to give the players involved an emotional roadmap for what they may play.


FSoM - Chaos As A Method Of... album art.jpg

Frankfurt School Of Music - Chaos As A Method Of Maintaining Order

Chaos As A Method... is more a political statement than body of music.  Inspired by the documentary HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis this album tells its' story thru 6 phases, each with a goal of removing the listener from their comfort zones and into the war torn realities of power and authority.

FSoM - A Space In Time, The Reflection In Water album art.jpg

Frankfurt School Of Music - A Space In Time, The Reflection In Water

This 20 minute improv of cacophonous sound was initially intended to be the first solo release by Aaron C Schroeder, but once finished with its contstruction Schroeder realized he had something on his hands that needed its own outlet.  It is with this release that FSoM was born.

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