Pierced Ears Recordings Co.

(the label)

Not only do we record music here at PERC but we also release it!  All bands that work here at the studio will also have the option to release the music they make thru our digital distribution partnership with The Orchard.  Thru The Orchard we are able to get the artists music on all streaming services, submit music for use in playlists, and obtain sync licensing for tv/film + so much more! 


If your next project would like to learn more about how it can utilize the label arm of PERC, contact us to get the conversation started!


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Loren Wheeler - Anthems For Inner Peace

Anthems for Inner Peace is Loren’s 17th public musical release and 6th full length album. It is an intimate collection of neoclassical instrumental and folk-based song compositions written, performed, recorded, and mixed completely by Loren in his home studio. It features guitar, voice, piano, bass, synth, saxophone, and percussion.

Hotegaia - Next Radial


Next Radial examines the concept of change and our capacity to evolve without folding back into experience, the possibility of growth without reverting to an earlier form. Lead vocalist, Jason Thayer, continues to explore whether we can move beyond our own corrosive habits – whether we can forge new neural pathways, or if we are locked into our own patterns of self-destruction.