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Loren Wheeler began cultivating his love of music at age 6 when he began singing in choirs. During high school, he was invited to perform with Bobby McFerrin, vocal group Cantus, and world-renowned conductors Helmut Rilling and Anton Armstrong in Oregon’s Youth Choral Academy. Around this time, Loren began immersing himself in the styles of contemporary folk songwriters such as Nick Drake, Iron & Wine, and Jose Gonzalez, and began writing his first songs.

Loren studied classical opera performance at UC Santa Cruz under Brian Staufenbiel, and went on to study Music and Consciousness under the guidance of composer and producer Terry Setter at The Evergreen State College, as well as vocal jazz with Laurie Antonioli, Kerry Marsh, and Julia Dollison at the California Jazz Conservatory.

Loren’s musical journey has been part and parcel with his self inquiry and healing journey. When he was 19, Loren fell 40 feet out of a redwood tree while climbing alone. Miraculously, not breaking any bones, he nonetheless was significantly impacted and the subsequent years sent him on a recovery and healing journey, from this fall and numerous other childhood injuries acquired during competitive athletics. This journey directed Loren to music and healing modalities for catharsis, integration, and self exploration.

Today, Loren Wheeler works as an accomplished songwriter, composer, videographer, and producer from his studio in Ashland, OR. His wide scope of interest allows him to weave together piano, guitar, voice, and numerous other instruments with ease, resulting in a sound that is soulful, spacious, and exploratory. His unique tone and performance carry a strong emotionality and contemplative self-reflection.

Anthems for Inner Peace is Loren’s 17th public musical release and 6th full length album. It is an intimate collection of neoclassical instrumental and folk-based song compositions written, performed, recorded, and mixed completely by Loren in his home studio. It features guitar, voice, piano, bass, synth, saxophone, and percussion.

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