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Loren Wheeler’s musical journey began in childhood choirs, leading to a diverse body of work as a songwriter, composer, and producer based in Oregon. Influenced by folk songwriters, his unique style spans piano, guitar, synth, and vocals, conveying strong emotions and introspection. Loren’s path intertwines with self-inquiry and healing, sparked by a fall from a redwood tree at 19 and numerous childhood injuries, fueling his exploration of music, arts, and healing modalities for catharsis and self-exploration. 

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'New Leaf' is an exploration in texture and melody, combining organic vocals and piano with electronic synthesis and rhythms. The album grew from his increasing interest in the possibilities of translating humanness and emotion into electronic music.

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'Anthems for Inner Peace' is an intimate collection of neoclassical instrumental and folk-based song compositions written, performed, recorded, and mixed completely by Loren in his home studio.

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