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NHB follows up a slew of low-key cassette releases with his most condensed productions yet.  Drawing from personal mantras, recycled lyrics and mangled songs from memory, NHB’s latest sounds pivot from downtrodden dirge to spine-contorting displays of rave. Fermenting slowly since 2014, NHB’s off-the-cuff cassette recordings are elevated by additional production from Aaron C Schroeder and deliver an imperfect vision of an imperfect future.


Throwing post-punk’s minimal guitar energy into frenetic electronic rhythms and pulsing synthesizers, his latest recordings, ‘Technomusiceraser’, ‘ITOTCIRWIAA’ & ‘New Eyes To See’, combined here into one DELUXE release, distill earlier studio meanderings into tightly packed pirate-radio mix-tapes.


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