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TEMP album art.jpg
TEMP album art.jpg

Small Yards carves out an aesthetic that rides the waves between power pop, garage rock, psychedelia, and post punk. Rhythmically rooted and melodically driven, with catchy harmonic vocals.


With members of past acts Tuff Talk, Jones Family Fortune, and The Jilly Rizzo; Small Yards bring a new breathe to rock n roll by focusing their ear on the past.  With a swagger reminiscent of Rock N Roll radio in the late 1970s, Small Yards produce a sound that demands you drive with the top down.  Their catchy and enthusiastic vocal harmonies combo'd with garage rock guitar riffs and a locked down rhythm section are perfect for highway cruisin' and night time groovin'.  Alongside the digital release the band is releasing a limited edition cassingle that you can buy here

Small Yards - Weekdays (Digital Release Artwork).jpg
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