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Partial List Of Releases (because remembering is hard, and keeping this list up-to-date is even harder)


ManWoMan - It's You (MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2024

Small Yards - Weekdays b/w Call Of The Wild ‎(MP3, Cassette, Single) Pierced Ears Records 2024

Loren Wheeler - New Leaf ‎(MP3, Album) Pierced Ears Records 2024

Frankfurt School Of Music - Untitled 736 ‎(MP3, Single) Pierced Ears Records 2024

Possession Sound - Slow Down (MP3, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2023

Hallows - A Quieter Life ‎(MP3, Single, 320) Stoic Media 2023

Sluglicker - A Hair Candle Lit Opera (MP3, Comic, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2023

2Libras - Worlds End ‎(LP, MP3, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2023

Hallows - I Am Destroyed ‎(MP3, Single, 320) Stoic Media 2023

ManWoMan - It's Me (MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2023

Patrick Latham - Cinematic Abbreviations (MP3, Album) Pierced Ears Records 2023

Sharkie - Life Aint So Bad (MP3, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2023

Nicholas Howard BotkaTechnomusiceraser (MP3, Album) Pierced Ears Records 2023

Nessa - Forest Fires b/w The Desert and Your Demons (MP3, single) Not On Label (Self-released) 2023

Pip - P.P.E.E.P. (MP3, Album)  Pierced Ears Records 2023

Hallows - Talk To Me ‎(MP3, Single, 320) Stoic Media 2023

Filling Company - The Architecture of Forgetting... (MP3, single) Not On Label (Self-released) 2023

Loren Wheeler - Anthems for Inner Peace (MP3, Album) Pierced Ears Records 2023

Hotegaia - Next Radial (MP3, Album) Pierced Ears Records 2023

2Libras - Infected ‎(MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2022

Beverly Crusher - Waste Of Waves ‎(MP3, Album) Freakout Records 2022

Cult Sickness - Brief Peaks and Self​-​Loathing (EP, Album) Noise Merchant Records 2022

Beverly Crusher - SCAB ‎(MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2022

Hallows All That Is True (LP, Album) Cold Transmission Music 2021

Alfredo Ghosts - Alfredo Ghosts (LP, Album) Youth Riot Records 2021

Tuff Talk - Shelly/Never Say Die ‎(MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2021

Nicholas Howard BotkaSeattle, February 2017 (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2020

Cassandra Jenkins Things To You ‎(MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2020

Sharkie - May Day EP (EP, Album) Cosmic Turtle Records 2020

Danny Denial - Fuck Danny Denial ‎(LP, Album) Cruisin' Records  crsn009 2020

NHBNo Sleep (MP3, Single, 320) StillVHS VHS018 2020

Pip - PPE EP (MP3, EP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2019

Moon Palace - Shadowcast (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2019

Nicholas Howard Botka'Motorik Day' (LP, Album) StillVHS VHS014 2019

Sleepover Club - W(PH)OOPSIE! ‎(LP, Album) Youth Riot YRR033LP 2019

Beverly Crusher - Scared ‎(MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2019

Ex-Licks - Ex-Licks (S/T) (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2019

Hotegaia - Inaction (MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2018

Sharkie - Life Sux (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2018

Nicholas Howard BotkaNoumenon b​/​w Raummusik ‎(MP3, Single, 320) StillVHS VHS010 2018

Wimps - Garbage People ‎(LP) Kill Rock Stars KRS647 2018

Beverly Crusher - Gimme The Power ‎(MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2018

NHB - ‎FORM_MORF (MP3, Single, 320) StillVHS VHS011 2018

Tenderfoot - Break Apart (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2018

NHBEASE_ELSE (MP3, Single, 320) StillVHS VHS012 2018

Sashay - Sashay (S/T) (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2017

Gabriel Delicious - Im Wigging Out but I Feel Patient (LP, album) Not On Label (Self Released) 2017

Swamp Meat - Higher Art Vol. 1 ‎(Cass, Comp) Halfshell Records HR019 2017

Moon Palace - Moon Palace (S/T) (LP, album) Not On Label (Self Released) 2017

Nicholas Howard BotkaNous b​/​w Unself ‎(MP3, Single, 320) StillVHS VHS009 2017

Grey Waves - Void ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, Num, Lathe, 7")People In A Position To Know PIAPTK-195 2016

Grey Waves - Faith / Void 2 versions People In A Position To Know 2015

Sharkie - Sharkie (S/T)(LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2014

Sashay - Kate Moss Un-Break My Heart (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2014

Childbirth It's A Girl! 2 versions Help Yourself Records 2014

Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band - Distractions  ‎(CDr, Album, Promo) Not On Label 2014

Wishbeard - Ally Sheedy ‎(7", Single, Gol) Our Voltage VOLT-5 2014

Killer Ghost - Sad Boys Magic Club ‎(MP3, EP, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2014

Zebra Hunt - Beaches EP ‎(7", EP, Red) Manic Pop! Records manicpop-010 2013

Wimps - Repeat (LP, Album) End Of Time Records 2013

Zoltars - Walking Thru The Dark (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2013

Wishbeard - It's All Gonna Break 2 versions Not On Label (Self-released) 2013

Ubu Roi - Nice Dude 2 versions Help Yourself Records 2013

Zebra Hunt - Only Way Out / Get Along ‎(7", Single) Tenorio Cotobade TEN-01 2013

Zoltars - Should I Try Once More (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2012

Tenderfoot - Dont Hold Your Horses (MP3, Single, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2012

SPURM - SPURM ‎(Flexi, S/Sided, EP, Single, Ltd, Pos) GGNZLA Records 2012

Detective Agency - Daggers ‎(MP3, EP, 320) Not On Label (Self-released) 2012

Tenderfoot - Red Coat (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2011

Charles Leo Gebhardt IV - Begin Again (CDr, LP, Album) GGNZLA Records 2011

Palit - Popt (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2011

Consignment - New Low (CDr, LP, Album) GGNZLA Records 2011

Lindseys - Trauma Queen ‎(CDr, LP, Album) GGNZLA Records 2011

Dikes Of Holland - Dikes Of Holland (LP, Album) Not On Label (Self-released) 2010

Scraps Scraps ‎(CDr, EP) GGNZLA Records ggnzla06 2009

Charles Leo Gebhardt IV - Unfaithful ‎(CDr, LP, Album) GGNZLA Records 2009

Grady Y. U. So Shady? 2 versions Not On Label (Self-released) 2004

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