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Patrick Latham is a keyboardist and composer based in Brooklyn, NY. His aim is to create intricate and ornate themes within the realm of neoclassicism. His stylistic marks are an attempt to embody and embolden drama with a contemporary, but timeless appeal. Having had a lifelong fascination with the piano, he began writing and composing at the age of 13 in a small desert town in southeast California. Upon moving to Seattle as a young adult, he quickly began playing in projects in the Pacific Northwest, as well as Los Angeles and New York. His more recent years have been circling back to his original focus and aspirations of piano composition, film scoring, and commercial composing. He currently still performs in several projects in the NYC area and is working broadly as a composer and pianist.

'Cinematic Abbreviations' showcases Lathams' ineffable ability to blend classical and modern piano compositional techniques into something wholly new and tragically beautiful.

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