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Multi-instrumantilst and producer, Aaron C Schroeder, has released albums under various band and artist names over the last 2 decades.  Now he finds himself looking to take on further ownership of his musical output and to finally stop hiding behind stage monikers.  

Schroeder moved to Seattle WA by way of Austin TX in 2007 and immediately began immersing himself in the local music scene. His 1st session as producer was with Charles Leo Gebhardt IV (GGNZLA Records) and thru CLGIV he met and worked with the bands that, in just a few short years, would become the bedrock of what could be described as the rock n roll “Seattle Sound”. Just a quick glance at his client list and you’ll find notables Wimps (Kill Rock Stars), Dude York (Hardly Art), Zen Mother (Illuminasty Records), So Pitted (Sub Pop), Cult Sickness (Noise Merchant Records), Rose Windows (Sub Pop), Moon Palace (Plume Records), Childbirth (Suicide Squeeze), Hallows (Cold Transmission) and many other local and regional rock and electronic acts. After leaving behind his first studio space in Seattle, Schroeder has been working in and out of studios around the Seattle area as well as his studio, Pierced Ears Recording Co. 


Over his 15 years in Seattle Schroeder has been in a number of bands, some getting national attention thru sync-licensing placements in Gilmore Girls, Beavis and Butthead (reboot), Jersey Shore, and video game Need For Speed - while other projects maintained the DIY underground ethos that run thru the PNW veins.  As a solo musician, no idea is off limits, no style out of bounds as each of his releases is an act of learning what each genre has to offer.  Some of his past solo work has also been featured in videos for Birdhouse Skateboards and Duncan Yo-Yo.

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Tape Loops Demonstration album cover.jpg

'Tape Loops: Demonstrations No.001-004' is a collection of tape looping experiments utilizing a minimalist approach of a Moog Grandmother sequencer playing thru 4 Eventide outboard effects units into 2 quadrophonic hi-fi 1/4" tape machines each with varying length of tape loop.

May 14th 2033 album art 01.jpg

'May 14th 2033' is the official score for the 2024 short film 'Dream Creep' which premiered at Sundance Film Festival.

Aaron C Schroeder - Entertaining Night Friends front cover.JPG

'Entertaining Night Friends' is an exercise in tape manipulation and hard loop editing.  Utilizing a blend of sythetiuc and organic sound to create a unsettling blend that will have fans of Conny Plank et al excited.

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